Welcome to Sing for Me, a fanlisting for the song "Canta Per Me," a song from the anime Noir. Join the fanlisting if you're a fan of this wonderful song! For more information on the song, please check the about section! This fanlisting is approved by TAFL. And a big thank you to Jordana for letting me adopt this fanlisting!


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Site Updates

November 15th, 2007
I uploaded the song to this server now, since not everyone can use certain upload sites. And added few info-things for the layout, a disclaimer, and links in the extra section finally, since I needed to do that. And the codes are now in Codesort. Great site update, I know. xD

September 16th, 2007
I've got the listing up now, yay! I'll probably change the layout soon, if I can. Whenever I make one I actually like. I went through a whole bunch of them and decided to use this one for now. But anyway, thanks so much to Jordana for adopting out this fanlisting to me! =D And everyone please remember to update your links!


 Artist: See-Saw Artist: Yuki Kajiura Character: Mireille Bouquet Relationship: Mireille & Kirika
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